Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well, I haven't done this since right before my 21st birthday. That was only about 6 months ago. Let's see. Spring semester was a roller coaster. Organic Chemistry attempted over and over to steal away my dignity and pride, but in the end I made it through.

Spring break was fabulous. Spent it in sunny California. The
first few days weren't spent in Tustin with my cousin Catherine. Laying by the pool and by the beach, reading books and catching up. Spent Saint Patrick's Day with my brother Timmy. One word. AMAZING. Then spent the last few days with my best friend Sheri. Shopping, Eating. Disneyland. =)

The majority of the summer was spent in Montana. I op
ted out of summer classes, because let's be real, I've gone to school year round since I started here in September 2008. It was time for a break. Started the summer off with a visit to my cousin Jenny and her family. Love her daughters, Charlie and Piper. Montana was well... interesting. It was rainy, I got sick, but I got amazing family time and got to see my brother do another epic performance at the Ironman in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Finally got to meet my brother Geoff's girlfriend. I approve of her 150%. I love love love her and want her to be a part of our family. The summer also included some amazing time with a couple friends and some really, really fun dates.
Silly faces with Charlie and Piper

Geoff's Ironman support crew

Geoff's amazing gf Annie and I

Jenn came to visit Montana

The summer in Montana ended with a LONG drive back to N
ew York with my father. Bonding experience to say the least. He helped me move in and met a couple of my best friends. I got settled and then was off again..

Off to Washington DC to spend a couple nights with my friend Raph! Always quite the experience. DC was definitely awesome, and I want to return. Then it was off to spend a night with the Seber family. I love Janine more than words can explain and soooo glad that we made it through all of our roommate drama. She made my dreams come true this weekend by bringing me to Georgetown Cupcakes. BEST CUPCAKE OF MY LIFE. And awesome time with her family. They are so amazing I wanted to move in!

Before night one of the Raph-Jackie adventures

Gtown Cupcakes -- PB Fudge

Janine and her Lava Cupcake

Now it's back in Albany for a little while. Babysitting my favorite family ever. Possibly visiting Cape Cod with them. Still planning a visit to my cousin in PA. and then ready to start the school year off strong!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Spring semester started off slow. Not too many assignments or reading. I've been taking it easy and getting back into the swing of things. I've been good about going to the gym and I got a babysitting job. That's two New Years Resolution I've stuck with. Also stuck with, no picking split ends, one soda a day, reading a non-school book, calling Jenn once a week, and eating one fruit per day. So far so good, and I feel confident about all of it.

Confident I will keep them up even after I turn 21 and start hitting the bar scene. This weekend marked the last weekend of going out with my friends before I'm 21. By far one of my best nights out. I'm truly lucky for the few close friends I have here, especially Liz. She isn't my other half, she IS ME. We come as a complete package.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Although it is not on my list of New Years Resolutions, one of them is going to be getting better about blogging!

The List:
  • Sail the Boston Bay
  • Write more letters
  • Get a job
  • Cook more
  • Read a non-school book
  • Work out 4 times a week
  • Eat a fruit a day
  • Go hiking
  • Rock climb
  • Visit Jenny (my cousin in Pa)
  • One soda per day
  • Stop picking at split ends
  • Be more open about feelings
  • Call Jenn once a week

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ready for an Update!

It's time for an update. TONS has happened since August!! September was full of busy RA stuff and getting to know all my new residents. Oh freshman is all I can say. Name tags were fun to make. Sea creatures! Making a clipboard for a fellow RA was exciting(although it looked like it was made for a 6 year old). But my favorite part so far has been making bulletin boards each month!! My themes have been contact information around campus, Safebook Facebook, and How to Say Thank You in different languages.
Fun things that have happened...

  • visited Boston and fell in love with it.
  • visited Hawaii to see my brother in my World Championship Ironman.
  • went home for Thanksgiving break (first time home since July!!)
  • rocked finals week
  • spent an amazing winter break with family and friends.

Downfall in the semester was getting the flu (oink oink) and missing an entire week of school! SO STRESSFUL!!

Travel home only gave me a one day delay.. at least it was IN Montana this time.

Hawaii with my brothers (Timmy and Geoff)

Cousins at Thanksgiving (Meghan and Kathleen)

ski day with my best friend Jenn :)

family ski day (my mom and I)

Friday, August 21, 2009

RA Training

Today was another day of RA training. It started Monday morning with a retreat to Jacksonville, Vermont. Middle of nowhere. It was fun, but draining constantly being around people you barely know. We returned on Thursday and had the afternoon off! Thank goodness. But then today was at 12.5 hour day! UGH! Now that the day is over there are lists of things to do. Room checklist forms, letters to self, clipboard for a fellow RA, bulletin board, and name tags. All due before Monday or Wednesday, depending on the task. It's overwhelming, but exciting. I just HOPE that I'm an awesome RA and that my residents respect me. I have a hall FULL of girls, so we will find out quickly how much I can handle! But I'm up for the challenge.

P.S. Emailed my Physics teacher. . . A+ in Physics! YAY!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 & 1/2 Hour Final

Thursday marked the last day of Physics 245 Summer Session at Albany College of Pharmacy. Let me say, I couldn't be happier. Although, I enjoyed the class and even had an AMAZING teacher. Lucky lucky me! The first three exams went very well, so we'll hope the final went just as wonderfully! After 6 hard weeks of studying (and millions of practice problems), it was time to celebrate. I devoured a delicious Indian dinner at a restaurant called Sitar, and ate delectable gelato from Villa Italia! YUM! Then out for the night with all my wonderful friends! Awesome way to end summer session.

Test scores: 96, 100, 93!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Time.

So, here it goes. What does one say in a blog? My best friend, Jenn, convinced that this would be a good idea, and she rarely gives me bad ideas. Therefore I thought I'd give it a try. This might take me some getting used to, so bare with me. :)